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Rodia is the Premier Manufacturer of Professional Equipment, Tools & Accessories for Tile, Stone, Sanitary Ware, Masonry, Concrete & Brick.

Our product line includes: Stainless Steel Cutting Equipment, Drilling & Grinding Equipment, Specialty Diamond Blades, Diamond Drill (Core) Bits and Grinding Wheels.

Rodia specializes in the Design & Manufacturing of Cutting, Drilling & Grinding Equipment & Tools for todays hardest materials such as Porcelain, Glazed Porcelain, Granite, Sanitary Ceramics, etc.

Rodia Equipment is known for its Superior Engineering, Quality, Dependability and Ease of Maintenance.

Rodia is a Subsidiary of the TSG Technology Systems Group. A Group of High-Tec Companies serving the Electronic, Glass, Environmental and Construction Industries.

Rodia Equipment and Tools are available only through exclusive Distributors.